Letter to the United Nations from the People of Venezuela

Letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations from the Venezuelan people

(a translated summary) 


Distinguished Dr. Antonio Guterres, Sec. Gen. of the U.N.

As you surely know, given your honorable position and great responsibility, the United States government and its allies along with political minorities of our country, has unilaterally carried out aggressive political, economic and psychological actions against Venezuela, trying to force "regime change", i.e., to overthrow the government that we, as sovereign people exercising our right to self-determination, elected in free, universal and secret voting.

In 2015 U.S. President Obama gave the infamous Executive Order declaring Venezuela "an unusual and extraordinary threat" to U.S. national security. A threat to the most dangerous military power humanity has ever known, which in the last 60 years has promoted no fewer than 201 conventional wars, not counting the continual low-intensity warfare and "hybrid" warfare, in addition. From then on, the U.S. regime has been intent on destroying our nation, while trying to legitimize this siege. And this hostility has intensified under Trump, strangling the economy and starving our people.

All this is surely visible to the honorable institution of the UN, whose very reason for existence is to prevent a return to war, backing international law. Most recently Trump formalized the plunder (theft) of our national assets, imposed a total blockade, threatening all other nations to prevent them from any and all trade with Venezuela. This violates the legal order that rules the UN, as well as violating the human rights of all Venezuelans: children, elders, Chavistas and opposition - no one escapes the effects of the blockade.

Throughout our history no government has ever sent our Armed Forces to attack anyone, except to liberate our brothers from the first colonial invaders. We believe in the peaceful resolution of conflicts. We have never been, nor ever will be a threat to any nation of the world; we have no desire to dominate or exploit anyone. In fact, nearly one-fourth of our population is made up of the millions who've come here for refuge from all over the world (including 5.6 million Colombians).

Hence, Dr. Guterres, we ask you as Secretary General of the UN to not only raise your voice against this unjust and vile aggression but rather to protect Venezuela from this crime, noting that global order and the international laws that have kept humanity free from a planetary conflict are at stake. We ask, as a member country of the UN, that the United Nations System demand a stop to this brutal aggression and activate its existing mechanisms to protect the people of Venezuela, guaranteeing us the full right to life and human development that all humans have.