hands off latin america on treaty 6


Awareness and Popular Education

We aim to educate the public about Canadian imperialist interests in Latin America, and to counter the idea that it is just a place of resources and vacation for North Americans. We strive to create awareness about the social, political and ecological problems we have in common.

Community Building 

We strive to build relationships based on reciprocity, mutual support and solidarity, understanding both our differences and our commonalities. Our coalition is intercultural and intergenerational. 

Supporting Social Movements

We practice solidarity with social movements who stand in resistance to colonialism, imperialism and neoliberalism across the Americas.

Campaigns and Actions

We believe in the collective power of communities in standing for their rights. We are in solidarity with Indigenous peoples, workers, sexual minorities, and other groups that experience multiple oppressions under colonialism, imperialism and neoliberalism. We coordinate actions with other groups to achieve specific goals.

This is our story

We are a group of people who gathered in the Winter of 2019 to share our concerns with the imperialist attacks on the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela. We quickly expanded our focus to the rest of Latin America. We meet weekly to share our dreams, stories, laughter and our desire for social justice in all of the Americas.